Computer programming


ython Start is an enriching class that allows students to master the basics of algorithms and object-oriented programming. With this course, students will be able to build their graphics skillset and go as far as developing interactive graphic games and apps. In addition, writing and reading code in Python will become second nature to them. Their team building and creativity in projects will also be enhanced significantly with this course.

Roblox Game Design

Game Design is a great class for students looking to code puzzles and take on logic-based tasks. Developing storylines for games and utilizing the various game strategies will be a core concept of this course, as well. Script writing in Lua will also be a skill they attain through this course. Students will learn how to design players for the game they create in the Roblox Studio engine, where they can also promote their game on the Roblox platform with the possibility of attracting new players. 

Graphic Design

The contents of the Graphic Design course will have students understanding the basic principles of composition, and how to arrange elements respectively. Selecting colours while taking coloristic and rhythm into account will be one of the skillsets acquired, in addition to their ability to make sense of the RGB color model, saturation, tones, and color palettes. Students will manage light, shadows, space and volume through this course, as they work with the design’s embedded meanings and messages in order to grasp the user’s attention seamlessly. 

Video Design

If learning how to film, edit, process and use voice overs interests you, then this Video Design course is meant for you. With this course, students will learn the skills mentioned earlier along with the ability to develop a concept for their blog, create an online channel and film their first promotional video. Students will delve into this course by studying the most popular video genres and understanding the principles behind script creation and video effects. Through this course, they can gain their first subscribers to their online channel and learn how to navigate the safety rules and monetization requirements in order to excel in video design.

Visual Programming

Being a student of the Visual Programming course will develop skills from creating algorithms to correcting programming errors as we teach about the basic programming concepts and practices. Creating cartoons and games in the programming language of Scratch will let students’ creativity flow as they enhance their own stories with the knowledge they acquire throughout this course.  Enrolling in this course will have students naturally applying the main principles of graphic design and vector graphics from theory to practice.

Website Design

Being a Web Design student will equip students with the ability to create website concepts and design structures for websites. They will naturally develop designs in Sigma and use Tilda, a block-based builder, to create websites. Writing in HTML and CSS code will be an acquired skill throughout this course and they can publish their website using GitHub Pages, with the skill to adapt it for mobile devices. Students will understand UX and UI principles and implement them in their interface designs.